Add containers to your dashboard

When you add containers to your dashboard, you'll never have to search for them again. Click the "add containers" button and upload a CSV file or drag and drop a file as an attachment. Here's how to format your CSV file for upload. 

You can automatically add containers to your dashboard by emailing a CSV file to Learn more about automatically adding containers via email

Step 1:

Check to make sure the column with the container number is selected.



Step 2:

Select the column to designate the shipping line for a faster search. If you don't know the shipping line, skip this step and click next.



Step 3:

When you upload a CSV file, you have the option to add other data in your file as searchable tags on the container records. Select the columns to add the data as tags. 



Step 4: 

Then check to see how your tags will look, and if it's all good, click the button to finish uploading your containers and data.


That's it! You can also simply copy and paste all of your container numbers manually, but you won't have the option to automatically upload data as tags. 

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