Using analytics

The analytics dashboard gives a comprehensive view of all your containers, and identifies containers that have issues like customs or line holds. You can view containers by expected arrival date, by terminal and by vessel, and quickly see the status for all the containers you're tracking. 

Recently added containers:

  • At the top of your dashboard you'll see a list of the recently added containers to your organization's dashboard. Only the three most recent containers are displayed, but you can expand the view to see up to 15 of the most recently added containers. If you need to see more, check your containers dashboard.

Containers in review:

  • This panel shows which containers are under administrative review and require our staff to do some additional research to determine the status of your container. 

Inbound containers:

  • Here you'll see all of the terminals that will be receiving your containers for a two week period. Click on the number of containers to see more details and identify any containers that have problems.

Containers by terminal:

  • This panel shows the containers by terminal and status, so you can easily identify containers at specific terminals that have potential problems. 

Containers by vessel:

  • This panel shows all the vessels carrying your containers to a specific terminal, and identifies which vessels have containers with holds. By identifying the vessels with problem containers that have already arrived or will be arriving soon, you can address any issues to prevent delays.

Container status:

  • The container status panel allows you to sort containers by availability to identify the containers that need immediate attention. Click on the container number to see specific details that will help you manage the movement of your cargo. 


  • Notes: In the container status panel click "add notes" next to each container to add other information to help you manage your cargo.
  • Favorites: Mark any containers that you want to keep an eye on by clicking the star in the container status panel.
  • Filters: You can filter by region to show analytics for specific locations. 
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