How often is information updated on the dashboard?

Your dashboard shows the most recent information we have about the shipments you're tracking. Different sources provide information to us in different ways, so information is updated as soon as we receive it. Some sources push information to us regularly whenever there are updates. Other sources require our service to pull information to see if there has been an update. 

In general, you will see more frequent updates as your container gets closer to the final port of discharge, as that is when vessel ETAs will often adjust, terminal information is updated, and hold details become available. 

 When you upload your containers into the Crux Systems dashboard, our system automatically finds your cargo status and our algorithms clean up any data issues more than 90% of the time. You might see the "pending" status on your containers while the platform is conducing a search.

Sometimes, however, you'll see your containers listed as "in review". That means our system has detected an issue with the data, and our operations team is looking into it. See our response time for support tickets


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