Set alarms and notifications

If you want to be notified when a container reaches certain milestones, set an alarm on the container, and select the events you'd like to receive notifications about.

You can set alarms to get notified about the following key milestones:

  • When your container has discharged from the vessel at the final port of discharge.
  • When your container status changes between unavailable and available.
  • When your container has departed from the terminal at the final port of discharge. 

Set alarms on individual containers, containers in a saved search, or containers with specific tags. Or, if you want to receive notifications for all your containers by default, update your notification settings in your account.

To set alarms on individual containers, select the containers, click the alarm bell at the bottom of the column, and choose which events you'd like to be notified about. 

You can see the types of alarms and the containers that have alarms set in the Alarms tab. 

Learn more about the types of notifications we send. 



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