Tracking containers

Easily track and manage your import containers using the Crux Systems dashboard.

To get started, add containers to your dashboard through the search box at the top of the page, or  use the "add containers" button. You can upload multiple container numbers or attach a CSV file.

View your containers using the categories on the left navigation menu: needs attention, favorites, saved searches, terminals, and vessels. 

The dashboard allows you to: 

  • See which containers have issues 
  • Search for your containers 
  • Save your searches
  • Filter your container lists
  • Mark containers as favorites
  • Add notes and share container status
  • See detailed container information

Containers that need attention

The first thing you'll see after logging in to your dashboard is the "needs attention" list. This list provides a quick view of all your containers that have issues, including containers with holds or containers that are approaching their last free day and don't have a scheduled pick up.

Advanced search options

To easily find your containers, you can search using the following criteria:

  • Container numbers
  • Terminals
  • Vessel names
  • Notes

Quickly located any container by typing in the container number. You can also use partial phrases to locate a subset of matching containers such as MOL TCL. This will search for all containers associated to a "MOL" vessel or terminal, as well as all containers with "TCL" as a prefix, for example.

Saving customized searches

You can save a search for later use. For example, if you want to group all your containers coming into Seattle, search for that keyword and save the search so you can easily reference it again.

You can also save customized searches based on your group's internal codes. Add a note to a group of containers with an invoice number, purchase order number, or any other keyword, and then search on that keyword. Save the search (and rename it if you'd like) for easy access later.

Access your saved searches from the tab on the left navigation menu. 

Filtering options

To find containers by status, use the filter options at the top of your container lists. Click the arrow, and select the container status you want to see. Choose from the following: on ship, available, not available, departed terminal, or other.  

Favorited containers

To favorite a container, select the container using the check box in the upper left of the container card. At the bottom of the container list, click the star icon to favorite the container. Use the "favorites" tab in the left navigation to see a list of all your favorited containers.

Notes and sharing

Select containers to add personal notes such as bill of lading numbers or business codes. You can then search for those keywords to find related containers, and save the search for later reference. Your notes are only visible to you.

To share container information (including container location, status, and last free day), click the arrow at the bottom of the list and choose between text or email. You can add an optional note before sending.

Detailed container information 

Click the container number to see detailed information about the container, including the shipping line, vessel information, customs holds, line holds, location, status, and shipment history. 


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