Maersk Shanghai: lost cargo - 3/5/18

UPDATE as of March 7: We have received updated routing from Maersk that shows the vessel will need call a port for repairs prior to discharging cargo. The vessel is enroute to this repair facility where upon the vessel will call Freeport Bahamas - estimated arrival on March 15th.

Wando Charleston ETA updated to March 19th - original ETA was March 3rd

Savanah Charleston ETA updated to March 20th - original ETA was March 4th


UPDATE as of March 6: Maersk released a statement saying that "the vessel is currently at anchor in Charleston with the surveyor and U.S. Coast Guard on board to assess damages to cargo and vessel. Once the survey is completed we will coordinate a plan to secure berthing and needed resources to work normal cargo operations, including damaged units."


On March 4 the Maersk Shanghai lost 70-73 containers over board after her departure from the Port of Virginia en route to the Port of Charleston due to high winds and heavy seas.

We do not have a full list of containers lost, but we do know that the vessel schedule has been impacted with a two day delay at Charleston and at least a two day delay at the Port of Savanah.

At this time the vessel is at anchor off the coast and is awaiting clearance to the Port of Charleston.

If you've been tracking cargo on this ship, check your dashboard for the most recent information. We'll post further updates here as necessary. 


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