Needs attention list

On your dashboard you'll see a list of containers that require your attention. They are categorized by priority and type of issue. 

The list is prioritized by what will cost you the most money or cause a significant delay in your cargo's journey.

Here are the issues we include: 

  • Appointment time is after planned delivery
  • Planned delivery is after last free day
  • Appointment time is after last free day
  • Last free day is in the past
  • Last free day is today
  • Last free day is tomorrow
  • Planned discharge is late
  • Vessel is late
  • Container has a customs hold
  • Container has a line hold
  • Container has holds

For containers with holds, they will show up on your needs attention list once the vessel's ETA is five days out. 

You can sign up for a daily summary email that includes information about the containers that need your attention. Learn more information about the types of notifications we send. 


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