Add tags to your containers

When managing your cargo, there's more information besides location and status that you need to track. You can include important information about your cargo (like purchase order numbers, bills of lading, customer names and more) by adding tags to your containers. 

You can automatically include information about your cargo as tags when you upload your data as a CSV file. Click the add containers button on the left navigation bar, and attach a CSV file that has your container numbers and any other information you want to include.

You can select all of your columns or just some. The data in those columns will automatically be added as tags on the container records. 

Tags can also be added to containers that are already in your dashboard. Select the containers you want to tag, click the tag icon at the bottom on the container list, and add your tags. You can see all of your tags from the tab on the left navigation menu, and you can search and filter by tags to find what you're looking for. Tags are visible to everyone in your organization. 

Here's how container tags will show up in the "containers" tab on your dashboard:


If you have multiple tags, you can view them from the "tags" tab by individual tag:


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