What's the response time for support tickets?

Our operations team handles customer support tickets and tracks down information on containers that have been listed as "in review".
When you upload your containers into the Crux Systems dashboard, our system automatically finds your cargo status and our algorithms clean up any data issues more than 90% of the time.
Sometimes, however, you'll see your containers listed as "in review". That means our system has detected an issue with the data, and our operations team is looking into it.
Some of the reasons your container may be listed as in review:
  • Your container is very early in its journey and additional information may not be available yet.
  • Your container has missing or conflicting information.
  • Your container is out of our coverage network. 

To get a faster search result when you add containers to your dashboard, upload a CSV file with your container numbers and shipping line, or use our APIs. 

The operations team is online Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm PST. The priority for reviewing containers and other support tickets is based on your plan subscription.

  • Enterprise plans: first response within four hours
  • Business plans: first response within one business day
  • Starter and Team plans: first response within two business days
  • Basic (free) plans: we will respond as quickly as possible, dependent on volume
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