What data is available on the dashboard?

The following data about your containers is available on the dashboard:

  • container number
  • transit mode (ship, truck, or rail)
  • last free day
  • container status (see what your container status means)
  • port of discharge
  • location within the terminal
  • customs holds, line holds, and other holds (see this article about holds and what they mean for your cargo)
  • demurrage
  • FIRMS code (see this article about FIRMS codes)
  • bill of lading
  • visit ID
  • line
  • port of origin
  • destination
  • equipment
  • weight

The following information is available in your container timeline with date, timestamp, and timezone details: 

  • empty container dispatched
  • full container arrived
  • port of loading
  • loading to vessel
  • vessel departure
  • vessel ETA and actual arrival
  • planned and actual discharge
  • appointment time
  • scheduled and actual departure from terminal
  • scheduled and actual empty return date

The following information is available in the detailed events view:

  • vessel name
  • vessel IMO number

Other data about your shipments includes information that you add to your container records:

  • notes
  • tags
  • scheduled events (such as planned pickup)

The following information is not available through the dashboard, but is available through the API:

  • SCAC code
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