Information about the last free day

While we support a number of terminals and shipping lines, unfortunately some sites do not provide comprehensive data. The following ports and terminals do not supply information about a container's last free day within the terminal: 

  • Altamira Terminal
  • DPW Fairview Prince Rupert
  • Fairview Halifax
  • Fraser Surrey Docks
  • Georgia Ports GCT Savannah
  • Halterm Halifax
  • Hookers Point Tampa Bay
  • Logistec Montreal
  • Napoleon Terminal New Orleans
  • Norfolk International Terminals
  • North Charleston Terminal
  • Penn Terminals Philadelphia
  • Ports America New Orleans
  • Portsmouth Marine Terminal [CLOSED AS OF 5/4/20]
  • Tioga Marine Terminal Philadelphia
  • Virginia International Gateway
  • Wando Welch Charleston
  • Wilmington North Carolina

Other terminals provide incomplete information related to a container's last free day: 

  • GCT Deltaport: the last free day is only provided for containers departing by truck. 

We do not show the last free day provided by the terminals listed below, because the data has not been reliable:

  • POHA Barbours Cut Houston
  • POHA Bayport Houston
  • Massport Boston
  • POMTOC Miami
  • Ports America Seagirt Baltimore

Temporary outages

Occasionally, terminal connections or offline or may be intermittently degraded. Terminals listed on our status page will not provide LFD details.

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