Information about the last free day

While we support a number of terminals and shipping lines, unfortunately some sites do not provide comprehensive data. The following ports and terminals do not supply information about a container's last free day within the terminal: 

  • Halterm Halifax
  • Fairview Halifax
  • Logistec Montreal
  • Packer Avenue Philadelphia
  • Tioga Marine Terminal Philadelphia
  • Penn Terminals Philadelphia
  • Virginia International Gateway
  • Portsmouth Marine Terminal
  • Norfolk International Terminals
  • Wando Welch Charleston
  • North Charleston Terminal
  • Wilmington North Carolina
  • Georgia Ports GCT Savannah
  • Hookers Point Tampa Bay
  • Ports America New Orleans
  • Napoleon Terminal New Orleans
  • Altamira Terminal
  • DPW Fairview Prince Rupert
  • Fraser Surrey Docks

Other terminals provide incomplete information related to a container's last free day. 

  • GCT Deltaport: the last free day is only provided for containers departing by truck. 
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