Yantian Express: Container Fire - Updated 1/10/2019

UPDATE as of January 10: Hapag-Lloyd has reported that the fire has been brought under control and is contained. Five crew members were transferred from the Smit Nicobar tug boat back to the Yantian Express, and the ship is being towed to Halifax by the Maersk Mobiliser. It is expected to arrive in Halifax on January 20.  

All cargo in Bay 12 on deck and forward is directly affected by the fire, as has all cargo in Hold 1 (Bay 1 to 9). They also expect that all cargo in Hold 2 (Bay 11 to 17) is affected by fire, smoke, water. In addition, there may be damage caused by smoke, heat, or water in adjacent areas.

All reefers in Bay 1 to 24 are without power and switched off. All other bays with reefers have been continuously supplied with power and are in operation.


On January 3, a fire broke out in a container on the Yantian Express and then spread to other containers. Despite the ongoing firefighting support from the salvage tug “Smit Nicobar,” the fire has not been contained as of January 7. The crew was evacuated from the ship, and the firefighting efforts with the salvage tug are continuing. 

The ship is approximately 800 nautical miles off the coast of Canada (Nova Scotia). The commercial tugboat Maersk Mobiliser is en route and plans to tow the vessel to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

At this time, Hapag-Lloyd has not been able to provide an estimate of the damage to the cargo. If you're tracking containers on the Yantian Express, you'll see the vessel is flagged as being late, but we have no further updates about when the fire may be contained or when to expect your shipments. 

Be sure to check your dashboard for the most recent information. We'll post further updates here as necessary. 

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