Testing the APIs

There is no sandbox or test environment for your Crux Systems account. In lieu of this we have provided some testing options within the API itself. This way, you can test with real containers and get real results, and not worry about the impact to actual shipments.
However, when testing the APIs, you must use container numbers for shipments that you're currently tracking and are inbound to North American terminals. We do not track historical data, so do not send container numbers for containers that have already departed from the final port of discharge, as we will not be able to provide information about the container's prior journey.
If you are not ready to use real container shipments yet, we have the following options available to you.

Sandbox URL

We do provide an option on the POST /api/v1/containers API to use a sandbox_url. This is an optional webhook url that can be different than the organization's webhook url.
The containers you submit will not be added to your organization's account nor tracked. This allows you use to use dummy container numbers or old container numbers for initial testing.
The API will immediately send fake information to the endpoint URL provided in the sanbox_url parament. The data provided is based on real information and is random, so it will be different each time. The data is not live shipment data on an actual containers.

Webhook testing

If you do not have an endpoint URL already set up for webhooks, a good resource for testing can be found at RequestBin. This is one of many sites offering free testing for webhooks and is pretty self explanatory.

We also provide a means for sending test data over the webhooks.


Once you have the endpoint set, you can trigger a test message to ensure your endpoint is set up properly to receive messages. The JSON payload will have sample data in it. This is not actual shipment details, but only an example.

Below is a example of how this looks utilizing the RequestBin service.


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