Add scheduled events

While the Crux Systems platform collects and tracks a variety of container and vessel events, some events can be set by users. These include the planned discharge time, the planned pickup time, and the last free day. This feature is available on paid plans.

These scheduled events can be shared with your supply chain partners. For example, if you are the cargo owner, when you set the planned pick up time, your trucking company will see this date. Conversely, your trucker can set planned pickup time, and you as the cargo owner will see when they are planning on picking up the shipment.

When you add scheduled events, the dates will be used to update your needs attention list, alerting you to situations where your scheduled events are in conflict with appointments, last free days, or other related timelines.  

How to add a scheduled event: 

1. Select a container (or multiple containers). Then click the clock icon at the bottom of the column. 

2. Choose which event you want to schedule. For example, if you've scheduled your container to be picked up on a specific date, you can set the planned pickup time from the drop down list. 

3. Once saved, the date will be visible on the container record. 

Please note, the last free day can only be set if it doesn't currently have a date.


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