Adding containers via email


Did you know that you can add containers to your account via the email address

The container are added to the organization the "sender" email is associated to. You can use this as a simple and fast way to add containers if you receive those shipments from email to being with. All you need to do is just forward the email.

The Crux Systems service scans your email looking for container numbers in the email and adds them.

The service even handles CSV files that are attached.

CSV Attachments

If your email has a CSV attachment any containers found in that attachment will added. But even better, if your CSV files tend to always be the same you can set up a template that will automatically add key attributes as tags.

There is a one time set that is required

Email import set up

This is controlled through your Integration set up within your my account settings.

*There is a current issue as the Integration page is only visible on the Business and Enterprise plans.

Select the configure button and you will be walked through an import wizard very similar in fashion to the add container import wizard for CSV files.


You will be walked through a series of steps to identify which column is the container number *required, which has the shipping line *optional, and which columns hold tags you wish to add.

Once configured the settings are saved and displayed on your integration page.


These are available to all users within the organization, but can only be changed by users with the "owner" roll.


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