Upload containers via email

An easy way to automate the process of uploading your containers to your dashboard is to email your containers to

If you already receive an email from your supply chain partner with your containers, all you need to do forward it to and the containers will automatically be added to your dashboard for tracking.

It is important to note that container numbers must be in the correct ABCU1234567 format. If there is a space, or the number is in a different format, the system will deem it invalid and it will not be added to your dashboard.

Even better, if you include a CSV file, you can upload other data as searchable tags. You'll need to do a one-time setup for your CSV file to enable this. Here's how:

Email import set up

In order to import the shipping lines and tags from your files, you must first pre-configure the column layout of your CSV file. On the Integration page (under My account), click the configure button in the email integrations section.

You will be walked through a series of steps to identify which column contains the container numbers, which column contains the shipping lines, and which columns have the tags you would like to add.


Once configured, the settings are saved and displayed on the Integration page. The settings are available to all users within the organization, but can only be changed by users who are account owners.

When you submit containers via email, you'll receive a notification from our system reviewing details of your upload. This will include:

  • The number of containers on the file you submitted
  • The number of containers that were added to your dashboard 
  • The number of invalid containers in your file
  • The number of containers over your plan limit (if any)

In some cases, not every container in your file will be added to your dashboard. Examples include:

  • There were container numbers in the file that already existed on your dashboard
  • There were invalid container numbers in your file
  • You have exceeded the amount of containers allowed on your plan
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