Data available in the CSV download from your dashboard

When you download container details from your dashboard, you are seeing a snapshot in time of your containers. While the information you're looking at is likely to change with the next cycle of updates, it's useful to understand where everything is at this moment.

Here are all the data points you get when you download a file from your dashboard:

  • Container number
  • Status
  • POD terminal
  • Vessel name
  • Equipment type*
  • Container weight
  • Location 
  • Customs hold status
  • Line hold status
  • Other holds
  • Demurrage amount
  • Visit ID
  • Shipping line
  • Notes
  • Vessel ETA
  • Vessel ATA
  • Planned discharge (ETA)
  • Discharge ATA
  • Planned pickup
  • Appointment time
  • Last free day
  • Departed
  • Tags
  • Lifescycle events

Equipment Codes 

If a data source provides the container length, type, and height, this is converted into an equivalent  ISO 6346 Size and type code which is stored against the container. Note that while this is stored as the equipment ISO code it does not necessarily match the actual ISO code on the physical container which can be different.

The most commonly codes used are:

22GP - 20' x 8' 6" general purpose

42GP - 40' x 8' 6" general purpose

45GP - 40' x 9' 6" general purpose

L5GP - 45' x 9' 6" general purpose

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