Why did Crux Systems join Flexport?

Our aim has always been to help people make their supply chains more efficient by providing complete visibility into what’s happening with their shipments. By joining Flexport, we’ll be able to continue to build out the features that will enable us to deliver better service to our customers, and extend the breadth and depth of our coverage. 

What’s going to happen to my Crux Systems account?

Your Crux Systems account isn’t changing. You can still log on to your dashboard and track your shipments as usual. 

Have the terms of service and privacy policy for my Crux Systems account changed?

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have not changed. Customer data will not be used for any purpose other than maintaining the existing Crux Systems service. Your private information remains so; see this post for an overview about the information that’s private in your account. 

What exactly does Flexport do?

Flexport is the modern freight forwarder. Companies use Flexport to move, finance and make better decisions about freight - all on one digital platform powered by a unique combination of technology, logistics infrastructure and expertise. Today, Flexport connects almost 10,000 clients and suppliers across 109 countries, including established global brands as well as emerging innovators. Flexport offers a full range of services, including ocean, air, truck and rail freight, drayage and cartage, warehousing, customs and trade advisory, financing, and insurance.

How can I keep up-to-date on future changes?

For most updates, we’ll post announcements on our blog and in our newsletter. For more news about what we’re doing at Crux Systems, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram


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