Container status and lifecycle events

Container Status

The following container status updates are shown on the dashboard and sent via API. On the dashboard, you can see the container status on the container card, and in the detailed container view. In the API, the status is sent in the container object. 

Container status:

  • Pending
  • In Review
  • Out of Network
  • En Route
  • Not Manifested
  • On Ship
  • Not Available
  • Available
  • Departed
  • Empty Returned

Read more about what your container status means.



Lifecycle Events

Lifecycle events are in beta, which means that they are only visible on the dashboard to users who have access to this feature. Lifecycle events are shown on the container timeline. They are not shown on the summary container card. In the API, the lifecycle events are sent in the events object for all API users on version 1.0.2 or later.

The lifecycle events cover origin milestones:

  • Empty container dispatch
  • Gate in full
  • Loaded on vessel
  • Estimated time of vessel departure
  • Actual time of vessel departure

In addition, there is an additional ETA milestone that is a part of the beta lifecycle events:

  • Estimated time of vessel arrival

 There are two different vessel ETA values, which is a known bug. For users without access to the lifecycle events, they will only see the ETA on the summary card. For users with access to lifecycle events, they may also get a second ETA in the timeline that may show a different value. In that case, use the ETA value on the summary card, which is the value that is sent in the vessel object for the APIs.

The lifecycle events provide additional milestones during a container’s journey. 


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